Mass Shootings: The Cause

What causes mass shootings? It seems the “experts” on the Internet have come out of the woodwork with their higher education they earned from watching television or paying for the shipping and handling on a website. The oldie but goodies still make their way around: TV, music, pornography, and Satan. And on the liberal side it’s the same old as well: guns! All the guns! Guns! Guns! Guns!

I’m going to let everyone in on a little secret: It’s none of these things.

The real cause of mass shootings is mass shooters.

Well mass shooters and the media’s tendency to turn them into celebrities. If you can’t get your fifteen minutes of YouTube fame by kicking your friend in the crotch then you might as well do the next best thing and shoot a few people whose only crime was going about their day. There are other ways of causing people a bad day that aren’t as dramatic ya know?

Have you tried slashing someone’s tires so they’re late for work? No one gets hurt except for a tire or four and you get to stay out of prison and live and laugh when you see the look on the person’s face.

That won’t work though because you need everybody watching. You feel that you’re special and that you’re important so everyone needs to know who you are. I get that everyone is motivated by selfishness and a need for praise and admiration, but have you tried doing some good deed that somehow gets captured on camera (by you or someone else) and getting the recognition you crave that way? There’s no need to make things messy with all that blood you’ve spilled.

Only the simple-minded blame objects instead of humans. I know I blamed the media, but the media is made up of people so it’s the same as far as I’m concerned.

The same argument goes for guns. There are countless people in this country who own guns but don’t go postal at the first chance they get. There’d be a lot more dead bodies if the case was that everyone with a gun also lacks empathy and a conscience.

How do I know it’s not the violent movies and video games? If you look at the millions/billions of dollars those movies and video games rake in then look at how many people who watched or played them decided to get a little trigger happy then the math just doesn’t add up. Then again I’m guessing if you’re too simple minded for that idea then you’re probably too simple minded for basic math.

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