We’re Off to a Bad Start, WordPress.

First of all, I don’t appreciate you posting a first blog on my site. To me that just says you’re assuming your first blog on my site is going to be better than my first blog on my site. You may very well be correct in that assumption; however, it was still very rude and pretentious of you. I can tolerate rude, but pretentiousness is something you and I may have to draw blood over down the line somewhere. Your move, dick holes.

I’ve blogged off and on since 2001. I went back several months ago to log into that very first site where I ever blogged, and I’m surprised I turned out to be the fine, upstanding, well adjusted, American citizen today. That was riddled with sarcasm and a touch of truth if you can figure that one out. I’m too stoned to tell at the moment.

That is one thing about me: I support the legalization of marijuana. I support the legalization of all drugs. Whatever you want to put into your own body is no business of anyone else. Don’t think that I’m just going to do stoned ramblings on this site, either. I have logical, sane, sober thoughts as well that I need to put down before I decide today’s not the day for another cup of coffee. It’s worth mentioning that I used to be a heavy drinker and would find myself blogging away while drinking from a bottle of bourbon only to not remember writing it the next day, but still leaving it posted because fuck it was great.

I’d write more for my first blog, but I’m really into this thing I’ve got streaming right now on *insert streaming service here* (I don’t advertise for anyone. Fuck you if you don’t like it.)

This is your first warning, WordPress.

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