Fighting the Inevitable: Anti-Natalism Chronicles IX

I don’t know why we do it. Death is inevitable. As soon as you’re born, the clock starts ticking. As soon as life is brought into this world it’s only a matter of time before that life ceases to exist. It could be several years down the road or it could be mere seconds after that life is born. Why subject others to such a fate?

The whole abortion debate is ridiculous to me. For people who claim it’s murder, I say that giving birth is murder. At some point we’re going to get killed by someone else’s hand, by nature, or simply by being too fucking old and our own body is going to shut down and kill us anyway. So to put it simply: a birth in itself is going to lead to a murder — murder by life.

Abortion is no more a crime than going through with a pregnancy. Giving birth is forcing something on someone against that someone’s will. I use the term “someone” loosely because I do not believe a fetus is a human being. If you don’t have a birth certificate then you’re not a human being as far as I’m concerned. That’s why we don’t give birth certificates to fetuses: they’re not born yet. They’re not human, no more than a single sperm is a human.

Giving a person life is cruel and inhumane, but we continue to subject others to it every single day. Women and men fight for the right of something that has no say in the matter. The fetus could very well be born with health defects that could take hours to name on this particular blog, but they think the humane thing to do is to bring it into the world with those defects and flip a coin and hope for the best. If you knew you were going to have a child who would be dead by the age of six months, would you avoid giving birth to it from the start? What about the child not living to see its third birthday? Its fourth? Its fifth? Abortion and those who believe in it are not cruel. It’s those who insist on giving birth and raising a sick child, raising a child in a sick world, those are the people who are cruel; those are the people who are murderers.

Be a better person. Make a better decision for the life you plan to have one day and change your mind. If you really want a child. I mean if you absolutely, 100% want a child to love and care for then go through the proper channels and adopt one. There are 443,000 children in the foster care system in the United States alone. Let’s work on finding them families and homes before we consider bringing more children into this world that never asked to be brought into it.

2 thoughts on “Fighting the Inevitable: Anti-Natalism Chronicles IX

  1. Here you are dear one baring your lovely soul. You express a love for this existence with every thought you have. Seeing the way things are and being disappointed is appropriate when one loves.

    I find you and Scarlett here in conversation and I am happy to see your intelligence, the caring each of you reveals for this existence through your words. Your anger, disgust and frustration is evidence of this care. All that you have ever written is true. Both of you have keen observational skills and you can see what’s what.

    I wish this existence could clone the two of you a million to the power of a million.


    1. There you are, Euni! It’s hard not to care when you’re still living this existence. I suppose it won’t matter once I’m dead and gone, but for the time being all I can do is bitch about existence and how hard it is on those who do exist. I can also beg and plead as much as I can to others and ask them not to allow others to suffer through existence.


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