Guru Kafkaphony

I’ve said numerous profound and hilarious things in my time on this earthly vessel, but I don’t think any of them have been truer than the time I hit “enter” on the keyboard after typing, “The one thing the Internet has done is it has made normal, ordinary people believe that anyone gives a solitary fuck what they think.” Vulgar? Sure. You can’t tell me that’s not some deep shit right there, though.

It came to me while I was blogging on another site where members did not welcome opposing views. Step in line with what they believed or feel the wrath of their ever-growing block list. Ah, yes. The silent treatment via Internet. It works well in reality so why not bring it into the virtual world?

No one debates unless it’s in a setting for a debate such as a classroom or an auditorium. I think the idea of a debate went out the window (along with dignity, what shred of intellect we had left as a species, and decency) with the 2016 presidential debates. The 2016 debates were nothing more than Internet arguments brought to our televisions live and in HD. They came fully equipped with some ass clown not knowing anything, name calling, and everything else you’ve come to know and love in debates from blog sites, message boards, and Facebook groups.

This idea that we can change someone’s belief or conviction about a topic by basically being a bigger cunt than they are is funny to me because it has never worked, and yet we keep trying. Maybe we’re not trying to change someone’s belief. Maybe we’re just trying to shout our own at the person as loud as we possibly can. It’s funny that those with the most information are the guiltiest of all when it comes to this, though.

I know my opinion on matters will never make a difference, but I have Internet access and an opinion therefore that makes me important as well. That’s why I’m dedicating most of this blog to the philosophy of antinatalism because we don’t need to have any more of you. Ideally, we need to get rid of a lot of you that we already do have in the first place.

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