What’s the Cut-Off Age for Caring?

Facebook has become the place for old people. It all started going downhill when our parents and grandparents were allowed to set up their accounts. Now we have dinosaurs on the site, expressing their opinions when they no longer matter. I’m sorry, but they don’t. Once you reach a certain age no one cares about your opinion and you’re too old to change anything in the world anyway. Enjoy “Wheel of Fortune” and wait for the Reaper.

It may sounds cruel, but hear me out. I find these particular people to be cruel, and it’s because of the things I see them post on social media. One person asked what it was we could do to make our world a better place, to which another replied, “I would make sure every child is cared for and loved.” That’s fine and good, but why stop at children? Why can’t all people be cared for and loved? Don’t we all deserve love? I replied to this person’s comment with “Why not every person, regardless of age?”

“Because I feel that it all starts with kids. It would be ideal to have that all during our lives, but I would at least want to give everyone a great chance at a good life, if that makes sense.”

“I just always wonder what the cut-off age is for when we stop caring about people. Everyone wants to care for children, but at what age do we just throw in the towel and say ‘Fuck em, let em starve and die’?”

I get confused when it comes to people’s concern for the unborn. Why do we worry ourselves so much with humans that don’t exist and leaving behind a better world for them? How about giving the humans already here a better world for the time they have left. Once you’re born your clock starts ticking. Hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second, it ticks. You’re losing time. We all are. It’s like the line in Alice in Chains’ song “We Die Young”: “Some say we’re born into the grave.” All the time we spend trying to live longer and avoid death, seemingly oblivious to the fact that once we’re born and brought into this world we start to die.

The honorable, most compassionate thing we can do for one another is take care of our fellow living human beings and just ride out this whole “life” thing. Make things less shitty for our fellow man before we all one day check out. Stop worrying about bringing more humans into the world to clean up our mess and instead stop leaving a fucking mess in the first place.

What do I know? I’m just a blogger with a laptop, internet access, and an opinion. When has the opinion of someone online ever changed someone else’s mind?

2 thoughts on “What’s the Cut-Off Age for Caring?

  1. I think all living people have value. I often ponder on the baby on board signs for cars. I always want to leave a post it that says, “Adults on board… because they matter too.”


    1. And also, do they really think a drunk or erratic driver is going to think twice about slamming into their car just because they have a baby in there? “I was going to total the living hell out of this vehicle in front of me, but I see now that there’s a baby in there so I suppose I’ll wait and hit the next one.”

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