Life is a Ponzi Scheme: Anti-Natalism Chronicles VI

I posted what was on my mind on Facebook as we’re all prone to do in this day and age. I know that we all think our opinions matter when they amount to dick if we’re being honest. I post a lot concerning my antinatalist beliefs. I don’t think I do it often enough to be obnoxious, but I post semi-regularly about people not reproducing and how beneficial it is to everyone else and the world around us. You may think it all comes from a selfish place, but it doesn’t. I won’t lie and say it’s all altruistic because it isn’t. I’d like to see less people because I flat out get annoyed with people and less of them is going to benefit me.

I also believe in antinatalism for selfless reasons. It’s the only way to end human suffering. If we stop human reproduction then there will be no more humans (obviously) therefore no more human suffering. I’m getting off track with what I originally came here to post though. I know I tend to do that a lot. I posted the following on Facebook:

“If the point of existence is to have kids then life itself is a Ponzi scheme.”

One of my friends who has possibly gotten annoyed by a lot of my anti-children/anti-reproduction posts reponded:

“Ok. We get it. You don’t want or like kids.”

I don’t like thinking it’s just about me, though. Like I said, I don’t come from a purely altruistic frame of mind because part of my decision is selfish. I also post things such as this and antinatalism memes not to annoy, but in the hope that it resonates with someone. Maybe someone is considering having a child, but they’re really not fit to have one. I can only hope that they see one of my posts and reconsider. Sadly, people are selfish and stupid and are going to have one regardless of what I say for no other reason than “Babies are cute and I want one.” I think that’s another problem we have in today’s society. People think babies are cute, but seem to forget that babies grow up and at some point they’re no longer cute. They become children, then preteens, then teenagers. Babies grow up to become assholes.

I’m going to get personal for a second, but I knew my last relationship was not going to last much longer when she told me out of the blue one day, “I think I want to have a baby eventually.” After two years of dating, seven years of knowing each other, she knew where I stood as far as children were concerned. She knew I didn’t want any. She knew I’d had a vasectomy as well. I think she just wanted a baby more than anything. She had mentioned a friend of hers had just recently had one and how cute the baby was. People get too wrapped up with the whole “baby fever” that they don’t think about down the road when the baby is no longer a baby.

So no. I don’t want nor like kids. Yes, I think you should stop having them. No, I won’t stop expressing my views because my not having kids affects no one aside from maybe annoying you on social media. Your having children affects everyone, sometimes to disastrous and tragic degrees. Hitler’s parents had him. Dahmer’s parents had him. Do you see where I’m going with this? Having a child is a coin flip. You could quite possibly give birth to the one person who brings peace on earth or you could give birth to the next person who commits a genocide worse than the Holocaust. Given humanity’s record, which one do you think is more likely?

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