What disgusts me most about humanity is how we misuse our intelligence. The scientist, mathematician, philosopher, artist, and author are all too often financially subordinate to the businessman or executive. Yet the former come as close to meaning as can be found in our sorry existence, while the latter are nothing more than parasites of society.

This financial subordinacy drives many away from careers through which they could develop and pursue their passions, and toward those where their work only benefits others. Their reward? A few imaginary units that have value by decree. If beauty is truth, and truth beauty, our web of lies and ugly lives make perfect sense together.

In our great idiocy, we perpetuate tribalism through our obtuse and otiose political systems. How are we so blind as not to see that no politician genuinely believes anything? That the beliefs that outrage us the most are carefully constructed to keep us in the game?

Where is the quest for meaning? When did we stop asking “why?”

One thought on “Disgustipated

  1. I thought university would be teaming with people looking for answers, but mainly its for jobs. My first stab at uni was marketing and I felt dirtier doing that than – I’ll spare you the details, I lasted not even six months. With Science most people vanish into computer science and various business streams like geo and imaging. I did a small internship at a synchrotron here – it’s a collider but on a small scale and it was mainly looking at mineral samples. I was pretty down thinking – if this is all I can hope for I’m going to quit after my degree but I was lucky.

    I don’t know if I could work for a company the difference is vast, but mostly that’s all people aspire to these days, something that will get them the most amount of money. I think it shows in how hateful everyone is of each other and the state of the world. No one has dreams, no one wants to find answers.

    The thing is too, so much is happening, so many things are being discovered it’s a shame all the cash goes into making junk and ridiculous entertainment, people are devolving into zombies, soon there will be electrodes going into the brain, a pipe in for food and one up their arse.


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