5 Reasons Trump is a Cunt

Trump, I think, is one of the most divisive Presidents we’ve ever had. I remember Bush being popular after 9/11 but immediately losing popularity after he decided to invade Iraq. Someone can correct me on that if I’m wrong, but that’s just how I remember it. I was in high school then and don’t remember much because I didn’t pay attention to the news like I should have. I didn’t start paying attention to the news until the 2016 elections when it started to seem like Trump had a good chance of winning.

Once Trump won I remember officially giving up on us as a species. I wasn’t fond of us before then, but that sealed the deal for me. We’re idiots and we deserve whatever catastrophic events come our way. Plague? Nuclear holocaust? Plague and then a nuclear holocaust? We deserve whatever nature or a foreign enemy tosses our way for the outcome of that election. It was a culmination of the stupidity of a culture that came together — a culture that’s too wrapped up in reality television, viral videos, and being famous just for being famous.

Someone online posed a question, not understanding how people can be so anti-Trump. I stay out of political arguments these days because they don’t do anything except lead to insults and broken friendships. Since I don’t care anything about this person’s friendship I decided to chime in with my reasons for not liking the moron:

1. He does not have the temperament for the job.

2. He is too vain for the job.

3. He can not tolerate a negative comment about what he says or does.

4. He immediately tries to discredit or attack anyone or organization that does such a thing. You can’t be in his position and throw a tantrum any time someone says something negative about you. That just comes with the territory of being president. People are going to make fun of you. If you didn’t want that to happen then you shouldn’t have signed up. I think he’s used to surrounding himself with “yes” men and since we’re not a nation of “yes” men he doesn’t know how to handle that so he lashes out.

5. I don’t like children. That includes 73-year-old children.

But what do I know? I’m just someone with an opinion and internet access. No one cares what any of us think anyway.

4 thoughts on “5 Reasons Trump is a Cunt

  1. I remember thinking well no one could be worse than Bush – ha. I also wrote a blog about how American’s aren’t actually mad enough to vote for Trump – ha. Blonde is a lifelong disorder even if it comes in a bottle.

    Yeah he’s part of why if I ever see an asteroid headed this way I’ll delete the data, then play Aenima on my headphones as it all goes down. Meet you by the lake of fire?

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    1. You’d better get your ass over here once we hear news of an asteroid so you can join the party. You know the drill, too: Bring booze, drugs, and no shirts allowed. I swear if I ever get a chance to ride that atom bomb like in my picture, I’m taking it.


      1. I hear that Trump thinks nuking hurricanes is a good idea, we might both get a shot it. I’m so there when the zombies finally get to zombying.


  2. It’s true most people are more interested in their thoughts than anyone’s else. But here and there, someone will learn something from another when they are ready. We are all teachers and students. Your thoughts are important to me!

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