5 Reasons Trump is a Cunt

Trump, I think, is one of the most divisive Presidents we’ve ever had. I remember Bush being popular after 9/11 but immediately losing popularity after he decided to invade Iraq. Someone can correct me on that if I’m wrong, but that’s just how I remember it. I was in high school then and don’t remember much because I didn’t pay attention to the news like I should have. I didn’t start paying attention to the news until the 2016 elections when it started to seem like Trump had a good chance of winning.

Once Trump won I remember officially giving up on us as a species. I wasn’t fond of us before then, but that sealed the deal for me. We’re idiots and we deserve whatever catastrophic events come our way. Plague? Nuclear holocaust? Plague and then a nuclear holocaust? We deserve whatever nature or a foreign enemy tosses our way for the outcome of that election. It was a culmination of the stupidity of a culture that came together — a culture that’s too wrapped up in reality television, viral videos, and being famous just for being famous.

Someone online posed a question, not understanding how people can be so anti-Trump. I stay out of political arguments these days because they don’t do anything except lead to insults and broken friendships. Since I don’t care anything about this person’s friendship I decided to chime in with my reasons for not liking the moron:

1. He does not have the temperament for the job.

2. He is too vain for the job.

3. He can not tolerate a negative comment about what he says or does.

4. He immediately tries to discredit or attack anyone or organization that does such a thing. You can’t be in his position and throw a tantrum any time someone says something negative about you. That just comes with the territory of being president. People are going to make fun of you. If you didn’t want that to happen then you shouldn’t have signed up. I think he’s used to surrounding himself with “yes” men and since we’re not a nation of “yes” men he doesn’t know how to handle that so he lashes out.

5. I don’t like children. That includes 73-year-old children.

But what do I know? I’m just someone with an opinion and internet access. No one cares what any of us think anyway.

Kafkaphony for President 2020

I’m no doctor by any means so don’t take this as an official diagnosis, but does anyone else believe that Trump may have dementia? I’m asking as someone who saw his grandfather suffer from it and now his grandmother suffers through it. I have to help my mother take care of her, and some days it’s all I can do to keep from screaming. She wasn’t helping my own mental issues. With the help of my new meds and — let’s be totally and completely honest — weed, I’ve found her more manageable.

I don’t know how Trump acts in his daily life when he’s not on camera, but I’ve read a few books that discuss how he’s prone to just leave a room in the middle of meetings or briefings. My grandmother is one to just up and wander off if she gets distracted or bored.

Does anyone remember when Trump was running and people were saying how much they liked him because he “spoke his mind”? My grandmother does the same thing. As we say, “Whatever words come up, come out.” She’ll say anything that pops into her head whether it makes sense or not. An example being my mom and I discussing her visit with the doctor and my grandmother chimed in, “Who doesn’t like ice cream?” That was currently what was on her mind, but I wouldn’t give her the nuclear codes if I had them.

She has no idea what tact is anymore, which is fine in some cases because don’t we all want more honesty? We don’t and I’ll get into that with a future blog, but people were saying how Trump’s lack of tact was something to be admired. I know we want our politicians to be more honest, but there are also times where speaking your mind is inappropriate. You can’t tell your boss to go fuck himself. You could, but you’d be on your ass in the street before you were able to get the last syllable out of your mouth. You can use every profanity under the sun in a church, but it’s not the respectful thing to do.

“President” is supposedly a title that deserves a certain amount of respect and couth, but when the President himself shows neither of those things for his title then why should anyone else?

If you’re going to label me as a “libtard” then spare yourself the embarrassment. I’m no more a fan of liberals than I am conservatives. Can’t a guy just not like Trump and smile with glee while imagining him choking on one of those McDonald’s burgers he loves so much?

Since “telling it like it is” is such a virtue to so many people, and I enjoy speaking my mind, I’d like to run on this platform: