The Happiness of Non-Existence: Anti-Natalism Chronicles XIII

Picture a non-existent person if you can. It’s not a person because it doesn’t exist. You can’t give something that doesn’t exist a name. It’s nothing. There’s a void that exists before we come into the world. It’s where we all start. Two people get together and fuck and if they’re unlucky one of them (I’m referring to the woman in case you don’t know already) conceives a fetus. I call the thing a fetus because it is not a child. You are not a child until you are born. You are not sentient. A child, a baby, a newborn is sentient; it feels.

If a fetus could feel, was sentient, had a consciousness, would it want to be born? I don’t think it would. Imagine it was able to perceive and take in the world outside of the womb. What would it think? Would it want to come into a world full of so much hate and despair? None of us would, but we have no say in the matter. Our own selfish desire to have sex leads to unplanned pregnancies with mothers having to make a difficult choice whether or not to go through with the pregnancy.

We’re brought into a world plagued by war, famine; some unsure if they’re going to make it to the next day. Will there be food on the table? Will the clothes on our backs be enough to last us through another season? These are things people do not consider when they make the decision to breed. They believe having a child is morally right.

I would argue that it’s immoral to have a child not knowing if you’re able to take care of it. If you’re unprepared, not ready, then why is it there are those out there telling you that you should have to take care of another living human? It’s only when the fetus is inside the womb that people care so much. After its birth no one cares if it lives or dies. There is a certain age where people stop caring about other people. I’m not sure when that happens, but it’s true.

After someone’s birth, years later, that person becomes a burden. You want medical coverage? Too bad. Are you unable to care for yourself? So sorry. No one gave you a blueprint nor a map. You don’t get any instructions as far as how to take care of yourself in a world you never asked to inhabit in the first place.

Things were so much better in the void. The plane of non-existence never hurt anyone. When existence comes into the picture is when all the pain and suffering starts; from the first scrape or broken bone you get as a child up to the cancer or heart disease you develop as an adult. None of this would cause us any worry, any harm, any pain if it all just ceased to exist in the first place. The right thing, the moral thing to do is to not be at all.

3 thoughts on “The Happiness of Non-Existence: Anti-Natalism Chronicles XIII

  1. I was just thinking about what you said about if a fetus/child could feel would it want to be born. It’s actually a very interesting thing. I wonder does a fetus/child have the ability to feel or see through it’s mothers eyes? I’m sure if it could, there would be a lot of fetuses running down their mothers to be legs for escape to the nearest bridge to jump off of.

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    1. I know that if I was able to see ahead into the future and all the shit I’d have to go through I’d try my hardest to scream from whatever other realm there is for my parents not to fuck. Our species needs to do the honorable thing and die out.


  2. It’s not if but when you know. Have a look at every planet and moon – hell even the asteroids are covered in craters. I just want to watch the ‘millions of dumbfounded dip shits…’


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