The Strength of an Antinatalist

I am an antinatalist because I have the intellectual strength of the body and mind to recognize that the body and mind are dominated by mindless, biochemical programming that traps people into a cycle of consuming and breeding. Something that is often called life, but should more accurately be called death because life beyond the fluff and bluster is nothing more than things eating other things.

I have the strength of will to confront, control, and subdue my biological drives. I have the strength of foresight to recognize that a toxic overpopulated, over-consumed planet of the living dead ruled by sociopaths and populated by selfish, biological zombies is already a world of pain and suffering and will only get worse with time.

I have the strength to recognize that most children are little more than fodder for their slave masters, damned to a life in the open prison called earth; working bullshit, unrewarding jobs often for below subsistence wages that only serve to maintain the circus while destroying their souls.

I have the strength of curiosity to have thoroughly examined history and found no evidence that humankind has ever been capable of living in peace and harmony. And to know that slavery, rape, torture, war, disease, famine, conquest, greed, and control have defined all known civilizations. I have the strength of courage to recognize that progress is a lie. 

I have the strength of learning to know that those who delve beyond superficial religion and the dictats of their priest masters will find a rich history of spiritual culture that recognizes this world to be evil and whose most committed adherents are aware that the primary goal is to transcend the material or escape the trap of rebirth, including the rebirth of their genes.

I have the strength of reason to know that discounting paranormal explanations for which there is not strong evidence, no child can ever consent to being born nor can it choose its family. 

I have the strength to deduce that throwing a living being into a world of needless suffering without its consent is little more than an act of sadistic abuse. 

I have the strength of mind to understand that people who choose to breed do so to satisfy their own desire, not because they are martyrs or heroes.

I have the strength of compassion to avoid repeating the mistakes of my ancestors and to save my children from being born into this whole realm of suffering.

I have the strength of forgiveness to acknowledge that my ancestors’ mistakes were born of ignorance.

I have the strength of character to take up the mantle and act differently from the normative expectations of the herd.

I have the strength of heart to find beauty in the peace of eternal nothingness.

I am an anti-natalist because natalism is weakness, and I am strong. 

Anti-natalists are the strongest of people. We have the strength of mind, heart, and will to recognize reality for what it is and to do the hardest thing of all, and face down the puppet strings of biological programming.


One thought on “The Strength of an Antinatalist

  1. I see this too. And yes, I agree, the solution is in applying a new program. But is throwing out the baby (a metaphor) with the bathwater wise? Using the base as a master is very different than being used by the base.


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