Another Day. Another Death.

Three shootings in less than three days and people are focusing on what’s really important: being right. “It’s the gun’s fault!” “It’s the shooter’s fault!” “Well I blame Trump!” “I blame the liberals!” I even saw one person who decided to bring abortion into the argument for some fucking reason. I’ve given my opinion on why these shootings happen. Take from that post what you will.

The bottom line is that they’re not going to stop. We continue to give more airtime to the shooters and are more concerned about their motives than we are the victims. “A child that was only two died in the shooting, but let’s talk some more about why this person committed this shooting.” Who gives a fuck? He’s a piece of shit. Stop giving him the recognition.

That’s what’s wrong with America. We praise those we shouldn’t while mocking those we should. We no longer strive to be better. We strive to be famous or infamous. It’s just a matter of being well-known, it doesn’t matter what we’re well-known for anymore. No one cares that you fed millions of hungry people in a matter of days. Kill a few million people in a matter of days and people want to give you the cover of Rolling Stone and are trying their best to get a jailhouse interview with you.

I hate to sound pessimistic about the situation because it’s terrible when these shootings happen, but Americans are more concerned with being right about why they happen and screaming louder than the opposition instead of joining together to fix the problem. For Americans to claim to be the “greatest nation on earth” they sure don’t seem to give much of a fuck about the atrocities like this that happen in their country on a daily basis.

I guess all I have to say is continue to sit back and blame each other, point fingers, and do absolutely nothing since that’s obviously your idea of doing something.


3 thoughts on “Another Day. Another Death.

  1. I once wrote a blog and signed off as ‘the Abortion Fairy’, of all the inoffensive things I’d said in it, like isn’t it weird how people are horrible to people they don’t know and not to people they know, the sign off annoyed the most amount of bloggers. I thought they’d get a laugh out of it, this guy wrote a reply almost as long as the blog about how white people need to breed because we are going to become extinct. Interestingly he mentioned army veterans – he was one – and I asked him why it was ok for him to shoot people he didn’t know and not ok for me to kill off the tadpole sized growth in me? I used to enjoy throwing fuel on the fire – good times.

    This being right thing is only getting worse, weird thing is that the more I’ve learned the more I realise that I/we know very little about anything other than opinions or pop-facts from memes and youtube. One of my recent corrections by a guy who ‘knows about science’ is that the sun which apparently was a yellow dwarf is now a white dwarf and that’s why we have global warming. I should have shut up but I had to point out that the sun hasn’t exploded and if it had and we hadn’t noticed being vaporised that we’d be vaporised because white dwarves are a lot hotter than yellow dwarves. He insisted I know nothing about the stars, and with mere months of my masters to go I probably don’t – right, I should have saved the uni fees and just watched youtube. People don’t care that they are wrong, all they need is to believe they are right and there is no brining them back.

    Guns do kill people by the way, so do dolphins, dolphins with guns though – that’s what we need to fear.


    1. “People don’t care that they are wrong, all they need is to believe they are right and there is no brining them back.”

      This is one of the truest statements I have ever read.

      As far as the dolphins are concerned, I’m waiting for them to pull a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. “So long, and thanks for all the fish!”


      1. I’m re-reading that at the moment, I hope they take us with them, I’m good with eating raw fish.


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